Tournament Bracket Generator

A Tournament Bracket Generator is a tool to generate a tournament bracket and knockout schedule.


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Whether your main sport is soccer, baseball, cricket, or competitive esports following the progress of your favorite team during tournaments is an activity enjoyed by many.

Tracking team progress is traditionally done using a horizontal tree diagram showing all of the initial matches on the left-hand side. At the end of each match the winner advances to the next round in the tournament along with the winner of the adjacent match. Columns in the diagram are used to represent each round and contain one-half of the teams in the adjacent column on the left and twice as many teams as the adjacent column to the right. The number of teams in each column decreases from left to right until the last round (column) contains the final winner in the tournament.

The Tournament Bracket Generator automates the process of creating this type of chart by drawing it in a browser window to relieve the user from having to draw it by hand.

User Stories

  • User can enter the name of the tournament

  • User can enter the starting and ending dates of the tournament

  • User can enter the number of teams competing in the tournament

  • User can see a warning if either the starting or ending date is invalid

  • User can see a warning if an odd number of competing teams is entered

Bonus features

  • User can enter the competing team names for each match

  • User can enter the date for each match

  • User can enter the final score for each match

  • User can expect that this data will persist across sessions

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